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The scree field lay ahead, an endless sward of grey and brown sandstone. Pausing to wipe the heat of summer from my brow, I peered over my shoulder. The hikers following behind were smiling and laughing–unfazed by the weight of the pack on their backs.

But I was unaccustomed to the burden and new to hiking. Joining this group of experienced backpackers on a roundtrip fourteen-mile journey into the interior of the rugged Montana terrain was proving more challenging than I imagined. My calves were visibly cramping, and I didn’t have the appropriate gear for the trip.

Though I knew reaching the destination would require more of me than I had to give, I was determined not to complain. I had chosen this route. The rocky trail was mine to overcome.

Have you ever faced a mountain, its size and impassability overwhelming? Fractured relationships you long to repair. A cancerous growth that spreads like wildfire. Anger or bitterness that wedges inside a loved one’s heart with seeming randomness. Unexplained abuse that steals beauty from life.

Maybe you’re standing on that rocky scree field today, wondering how you’ll make it across. You feel as though other people are going to pass you by–their lives filled with joy. Where did you go wrong?

Perhaps the weight of your burden is pressing you down and the heat of the sun burns through your shirt as if it weren’t there. Even moving forward seems impossible. I understand. I’ve been there.

That day on the side of the slippery slope? Someone noticed the strain of my climb. Arriving by my side, he said, “I’ll carry your pack for a while. It won’t be a problem.”

With a wide grin, he strapped my burden on top of his and stayed by my side until we reached the summit.

Jesus is like that. He willingly carries our baggage. The cumbersome trials and challenges that weigh heavy on our hearts and minds–those nagging worries that keep us up at night; they are the burdens Christ invites us to off-load.

Friend, if you’re stuck on the scree field bearing a load to heavy for one person, won’t you give it to Him? He’s waiting to take it from you.


Scripture for reflection:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30


Peace and grace,


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What matters more than material blessings are the things He is teaching us in our spirit.

Charles Stanley

It all began much earlier for him, but most of the nascent signs were quiet and crept into life bit by bit–a silent predator slowly introducing the victim to its presence. Then two years ago, the boy’s everyday life shifted with such suddenness there could be no doubt. Our son knew what it was to struggle with anxiety and depression.

Sleep oscillated between the extremes of non-existent and constant.  Recurring migraines…weight loss…lack of appetite. And my adventurous, full-throttle son retreated to a solitary world that seemed impenetrable.  Once in a great while I would catch a glimpse of the boy , but the cloud of oppression that hung over him was normally the more visible of the two.

There is no heartache quite like that a parent has for her suffering child and in my grief I confronted God.  I wept.  I raged. I begged.  I prayed.

Please, Lord, please!

After more than two years of trial and error…missed school days and fading dreams, we discovered the right combination of interventions and supports–not the least of which included medication.  Finally…some relief for the boy I had soothed with lullabies not so many years ago.

During this time, my boy continued to seek after God.  He wanted more of Jesus–and, unlike me, didn’t seem to struggle with blaming God for allowing this trial in his young life.  Despite the depression…regardless of the anxiety…in spite of the weariness.

One evening he returned from youth group, his face transformed by joy.

We asked God to heal me.  I don’t need my medicine anymore.

christian : Man worshiping god shot at yellow grass Stock Photo

I was skeptical…fearful…doubtful.  I believed in miracles, but this? A young man’s life could be at stake.

Slow and methodical in my response,  I have taken the “yes, but” approach to this precious boy’s healing. “Yes–God can heal, but…”

Yes, but…healing is not probable…practical…likely.

Yes, but…this could be temporary…time-inhibited…explainable.

Yes, but…are you sure you can sleep…function…manage?

And he continues to do well.  Feel well.  Live well.

I have begun to relate to the Bible verse, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” in ways I never expected.  And I wonder if any of you understand?  If you’ve lived it, too?  At some level, those of us who are Christians must grasp the mystery of such things–at least a little bit.

We trust in Jesus, after all.

Yes, but…a virgin birth is impossible…unimaginable…implausible.

Yes, but…a resurrected Messiah is unbelievable…incredible…miraculous.

Yes, but…can we know we are sanctified…rescued…redeemed?

Yes, but…He was born of a virgin, died on a cross, and rose again in three days.

Scripture for Reflection

Mark 9:24

Genesis 15:6

Isaiah 43:10

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