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Three years of loss, heartache, and impossible circumstances dropped me in the middle of a wasteland experience. The questions we ask when we’re distraught, grieving and disillusioned scrawled across tear-stained journal pages and erupted from the depths of my soul when I prayed.

 If God is sovereign, how can this have happened? Didn’t he hear my prayers? Why didn’t He do something?

More frightening to me than any of my doubts about God’s power and faithfulness was the on-going, internal battle that waged in my mind.

I felt as though my faith had faded into the nothingness of the wasteland in which I wandered and, oh, how I longed for an oasis.Just one drink to quench my need for Living Water.#wildernessliving#hope#letsgetrealseries Click To Tweet

I felt as though my faith had faded into the nothingness of the wasteland in which I wandered and, oh, how I longed for an oasis. Just one drink to quench my need for Living Water. One drop of hope to lead me through the dry and dusty no-man’s land into the arms of heaven.

Unusually cynical, I only attended church at my husband’s coaxing. My prayers ranged from desperate pleas for deliverance to angry, honest diatribes and scripture seemed as barren as my spirit.

Can you relate? Have you ever been lost in your own wilderness, certain of nothing but your own unbelief?  Have you trekked aimlessly through the badlands of Fear or Doubt? Wandered in the wilds of Trial or Tribulation?

You might be in that place now, blaming your lack of faith for failing to feel God’s presence. Almost certain the Hope Giver has turned away from your prayers or grown weary of your petitions.

If He can guide and provide for a nation of people wandering for forty years, He will direct your steps and lead you to a new land of promise.#keepthefaith#choosehope#letsgetrealseries Click To Tweet

But, your wilderness days will end just as mine did. Cling to that hope, Friend. If He can guide and provide for a nation of people wandering aimlessly for forty years in the Negev desert, He will direct your steps and lead you to a new land of promise where you’ll hear his voice. Feel His presence. Remember His great love for you.

One day soon, you’ll look back on the days when you’d thought faith had died and realize He’d nurtured it instead. You’ll rejoice, claiming Hosea 13:5 as your own. “He cared for me in the wilderness, in the land of drought.”

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Blessings, Tammy










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My son’s pint-sized body huddled beneath the bed covers as if the thin cotton cover could shield him from any enemy. Since his father had deployed to Afghanistan, Seth’s fear had transformed into something destructive. An ever-growing-never-contained-despair rooted in the darkest anxiety.

The merest whisper of sound in the deep of the night trigged a near-panic response. Every stranger striding across the neighborhood’s suburban sidewalk? A possible adversary. My sweet boy was immersed in a world of imagined threats: kidnappings, fire, never-ending darkness.

Oh. My. Heart.

Despite his past experiences and regardless of my reassurances, Seth was convinced. Surely unknown, unseen enemies lurked beneath the child-sized bed along with half-assembled Lego sets and miniature race cars.

My words seemed not to penetrate. To reach the core of my child’s fear.

Trust me. I’ll take care of you. Don’t be afraid.

The Israelites carried that same inconsolable, impenetrable fear through the desert thousands of years ago. Having been plucked from slavery and delivered safely through standing walls of water, an entire people stood overlooking the bounty and beauty of a land God had promised them.

At the Father’s instruction, twelve leading men were commissioned to explore the uncharted land of Canaan–to survey its cities,  peruse its people and weigh its wealth.

This land belonged to Israel in the same way that Israel belonged to the Father. It was gift-wrapped; held  in the open palm of the Father’s hand like a cluster of grapes hanging heavy in expectation of the harvest.

Trust me. I’ll take care of you. Don’t be afraid.

Ignoring the certainty of their circumstances, God’s children allowed fear to dictate their decisions.

Huddling behind logic, the Israelites discounted Yahweh’s words, “Canaan [is] the land I am giving to the Israelites.” Numbers 13:2

He must not understand the presence. The power. The prowess of these people.

Hiding behind half-truths, the Chosen focus on fear until it rises a behemoth–ever greater, sending tentacles of untruth snaking through every tribe and leaving His men and women in mass hysteria.

Begging to return to bondage. Bad-mouthing their rescuers. Blind to their belief.

I see my face in the crowd. I’ve been that woman. The one for whom the imagined giants of Crisis and Complication ascend larger than any of His promises. Despite the Father’s faithfulness, I allow fear to command my choices and master my mind.

But, I long to be the Caleb in the crowd. Don’t you?

In opposition to a near-rebellion, Caleb admonishes, “Let’s go and take up the land–now. We can do it.” (Numbers 13:30 MSG)

Caleb doesn’t hesitate. There is no quavering in his voice nor quaking of the knees. Caleb knows his God and, grabbing hold of holy confidence, girds himself to join God on the journey.

I want to be the woman exhorting and encouraging, “Trust Him. He’ll take care of us. Don’t be afraid.”

Friend, fear only maintains power when we give it permission. But, when we grab hold of holy confidence and rely on Him for strength, our giants are reduced to rubble and we can move forward into the land of promise. Click To Tweet

In His grace and peace,                                                      Tammy

Action Step: Step out of fear and into the promises God has for you today. Download and complete this printable and use it to prompt you to remember His faithfulness when your spiritual knees are knocking. Click to access this resource. Fearnot



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