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Since we are small,

we’re taught to ask permission

to being noticed

to be heard.

But because of Christ’s sacrifice

we no longer need permission.

We have full access to your beauty. Your glory. Your goodness. Click To Tweet

We have full access to your beauty.

Your glory.

Your goodness.

The Maker of all things notices us,

hears us,

beckons to us from on High.

Granted from eternity past,

the Trinity breathed permission over humanity

with His last agonized exhale.

Permission to enter the gates of heaven.

Permission to experience life abundant.

Permission to feel the scarred hand of Christ

wipe the last tear from your cheek as you kneel,

laying down your crown.

Permission, instead of a demand,

is now a gift.


This poem was written in 5 minutes based on the prompt, Permission. You can read more interpretations at Five Minute Friday

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He inhaled with a rugged gasp

air expanding silent lungs.

Glory filled the darkened cave

as the man awakened-

God’s risen Son.

He removed linen sheets

then stood and praised the Father.

With a gentle hand,

Messiah folded the cloth

once placed on his face

then moved beyond Death’s greedy mouth

into the light of victory.


This poem was based on the word prompt, gentle, as part of Five Minute Friday which is located here. I also frequently link-up with the other wonderful bloggers. Have a wonderful Easter!

Peace and grace,


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