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And the Rock still stands. Solid. Unmoving. Ever-present.

The base of the purple-tipped mountains blurred softly along the undulating edge of the rising fog like the folds of a heavy curtain lifting ever so slowly to reveal the hardscape of Nature’s beauty.

It was only a glimpse. An impression captured on the way to work when, amidst the rush of traffic, I paused at a red light; the Father revealing a simple truth in the imagery of clouds ascending toward heaven.

Sometimes, in the practicality of living, I forget to remember the beauty around me. The living, pulsing artistry of day and night. Moments shared with friends and family. Memories hewn from joy, tears, loss, and celebration. I even forget to remember God’s beauty.

His faithful deliverance from sharp-edged difficulty. His all-embracing, doubt-replacing goodness when I’d given up on everything but merely surviving the day. His unmatched grace and forgiveness for a woman undone by the past and uncertain of the future.

And the Rock still stands. Solid. Unmoving. Ever-present.

A flash of red captured my attention and I shifted my gaze forward. Cars and vans carrying harried passengers in a rush to the next important place—work, school, daycare—hurtled by and I wondered how many noticed the lavender and pink blush of sun pushing the cold, clingy clouds aside to reveal the immovable, constant presence beneath.

I need reminders to alter my focus—like light that envelopes crimson sediment and brushes lingering vapor aside. Perhaps when I pause, I’ll notice Him being revealed in the unexpected and unplanned. In the movement of everyday ebb and flow. In percolating laughter and sympathetic tears.

It only takes a glimpse to notice Him.


Verse for Reflection

Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Ps. 46:10

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Now the donkeys of Kish, Saul’s father, were lost. (1 Samuel 3:9)

SIt’s an ordinary day–not unlike any other. You sip half a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts hazelnut coffee and start your morning routine. Pack lunches…sign student planners…feed the dog. You’ve set out vitamins, breakfast dishes, toast and cereal. You’re youngest two children wake up and start squabbling while one of the highschoolers refuses to get out of bed and the other starts throwing up.

Yes–it’s another ordinary day.

Is God in the middle of all of this ordinary? You wonder.

Saul probably asked the same thing. “The donkeys ran off again,” his dad said. Saul knew what that meant–a couple of days roaming the countryside with his servant boy and a loaf of bread. It was an ordinary day in Saul’s life, too.

Saul’s normal day led from one seemingly unconnected event to the next, but a closer look at Chapter 9 reveals a picture of God’s involvement in the smallest of details. Like a dot-to-dot, each step brings Saul closer to the fulfillment of something greater. In his case, it was becoming Israel’s king.

In my case? Not so much. But, God is in the details. The regular, minute-by-minute, this-is-my-life details. From that first taste of coffee until the moment I close my eyes, God is there. At the end of the road–when I’ve stopped chasing the donkeys–I’ll be able to understand more about his plan.

Where do you think the donkeys are taking you?

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