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As a lanky, freckle-faced little girl with big glasses and a bigger heart I was easy prey for other children.  Phrases like, four eyes and ugly became as much a part of my educational vocabulary as common denominator and adjective. 

Have you had a similar experience?  Did you grow up in a home exempt of encouragement, but full of verbal abuse?  Or, do you endure name-calling and cruel insults from your spouse?  Even worse–do you direct poisonous words at yourself?  My friend, those labels are lies.  Listen to what scripture says,  I’ll also give {you} a clear, smooth stone inscribed with your new name, your secret new name.  Revelation 2:17 (MSG)

Regardless of the past and despite ill-earned labels, a new name awaits.  One so unique that when you enter Christ‘s kingdom he’ll beckon you near, wrap his arm around you, and place a precious stone in your hand.  Glancing at this unexpected treasure, you’ll notice an unfamiliar–but immediately known–word engraved in the hard surface.

“I’m that special?”  you wonder–amazed at the way he describes who you truly are.  The person you were meant to be from the moment He imagined your existence.  Bending toward you, He’ll whisper this special name and say, “Welcome home.”

If you are important enough to be given a name by the One who breathed life into your soul, then you are special enough to refuse the world’s labels.  After all, even He was called a liar.

Action step:  Ask God to give you eyes to see yourself–and others–as He does.  Ask others to forgive you for those times you have labeled them falsely.

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