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…you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow.  You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. (James 4:14)

Please, mama?  Come on a walk with me.  These words had become the day’s mantra and finally I said, “Let’s go.”  After crafting the perfect insect-friendly habitat–complete with sticks and grass–in his new bug-catcher, we set out on an adventure.  Twenty minutes later, Seth had forgotten about searching for bugs.  Instead, he navigated the unexplored boundaries of the small creek as it wound its way through our neighborhood park.  The mud encircling the bottom of his pant legs was as much evidence of Seth’s delight as the grin spilling across his face.  I wanted to capture that joy– the gleam of pleasure in his eyes–and hold on to it forever.

I wished I hadn’t waited all day for this moment.  We’ll go later, honey.  I’m too tired right now.  Let me finish these dishes first.  It’s easy to push aside the special moments–thinking there’ll be another just around the bend–when life is pressing in on every side with the “important”.  But, important won’t matter when I’m looking back on my life.  Instead, I’ll cherish time invested in those I love.  Exploring creek banks with my son, tea parties with my little girl, quiet walks with my husband…this is what really matters.

Scripture for Reflection 

Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart. (1 Peter 1:22)

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