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Thunder rolled across the Montana prairie in a rage and ragged flashes of lightning weaved across the sky in a wild frenzy–showcasing its dangerous beauty. The wind lashing against the A-frame farmhouse sounded high and sharp, like a train whistle as it hurried through the one-horse town a few miles down the road.

The sky, usually lit by a brilliant canvas of stars, was inky and impenetrable. Earlier in the day, I’d been given the opportunity to stay over with my grandparents and even as the storm erupted I remined content.

Until the moment the lights went out.

In some ways, I feel much like the child I was then. I see calamity and chaos rising all around–from a pandemic to fires laying waste to land that stretches from California to Australia. I hear the enraged roaring of those who feel entitled to war against others because they believe in liberation from respectability, and the cries of a broken generation carry across the airwaves as young men and women march in the streets–children who were raised without Hope.

Many churches remain vacant. Deemed unnecessary, they are empty shells that were once the cause of the nation. Though the enemy has attempted to close the mouths of those who speak the truth of Christ I learned a powerful lesson from that evening long ago–the light always shines brightest in the darkness.

As a child, I was enveloped by the night. Crying out in fear, I hurtled toward the safety of my grandfather’s arms. I hadn’t noticed the sound before but the banging of the tree branches against the windows magnified and I shuddered.

“Shhh…., you’re fine. We’re here with you,” my grandpa said. I could hear the smile in his voice as he gently handed me to my grandmother. “I’m going to get something.”

Within a few minutes, a beam of light penetrated the dark. Grandpa gave me one flashlight while he held another—their rays casting broad arcs of white across the length of the family room. The remainder of the evening, I stayed by grandpa clinging to the flashlight until my eyelids grew heavy with sleep.

Like a little girl seeking shelter in a storm, we can run to our Father in the darkest of times. When the clouds of calamity gather on the horizon and fear knocks on the door God tenderly whispers, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Then His brilliant light pierces the inkiest gloom.

It is in the darkness that His light shines the brightest.

Consider the brilliance of the rays fracturing the endless deep when God’s voice resounded, “Let there be light.” Where moments before only ebony existed, the Almighty spoke and split darkness with a word.

His presence penetrates the gloom of hatred, the violence of war, and the slurs of abuse. His glory shines from shadowy mountain clouds gathered at the apex of Mt. Sinai and illuminates the hearts of persecutors—forever altering their lives.


A prayer for today:

Father, in a world that seems to have lost its way we ask for your strength. You’ve told us to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9) because you are our salvation. While people shout malicious words and raise their fists against one another, we ask that you give us hearts of love and that the light of Christ would shine through us. May we be beacons of hope in a hurting world. Amen

Peace and grace,


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Psalm 46:1

Before color kissed the sky, I awakened-already weary from a series of imagined twilight horrors. Matching the tempo of my husband’s rhythmic breathing, releasing the fear trapped inside. His arm, heavy with sleep, draped across my waist like a rope strung between a boat and its mooring.

This has become my Holy Spirit hour; a time of communing, listening, interceding, rejoicing, and weeping. Five weeks of pre-dawn wakefulness coupled with a knowing within-this is part of my calling, my equipping, my serving.

The terror of the night seeks to invade from within but loses its battle when whispered words of truth penetrate the inky space. Click To Tweet

The terror of the night seeks to invade from within but loses its battle when whispered words of truth penetrate the inky space between physical and spiritual. The enemy is shrewd, his bloodlust an open cavity for the unprepared. Palms open and eyes closed, I release the anxieties that lead my thoughts directly toward fear and utter, “Lord, help my unbelief.”

I meditate on Psalm 46, the familiar words of the Psalmist reminding me of my position. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

God is my refuge. 

He is my refuge from inner turmoil. He is a refuge from the haunting memories of childhood. He is my refuge from the silent illness crafted by my own body.

He is your refuge, too. 

Only six letters, the word seems simple. Benign. And maybe I’ve just read or heard the words too often to allow them to penetrate deep. Refuge.

To the Psalmist, a refuge would have been a watchtower, a pillar of stones positioned on a hill above the fields of a town or in the mids of ripening vineyards. From his vantage point, the watchman guarded the livelihood of his people from marauders and animals scavenging for food. Gathering family to live within the safety of the fortress; the sentry stood watch-his dear ones far from threats of impending danger.

God is our refuge.

An unshakeable pillar, God who is our strength is the one to whom we can flee. In Him, we are raised to a position of strength and encircled by safety.

The refuge stands, unmoving and Almighty. Click To Tweet

The enemy may rattle his saber and destruction may batter the stronghold, but their roar is useless. The refuge stands, unmoving and Almighty. Neither the abuses of men nor the sword that pierced His side defeated the Rock and we, cradled in heaven’s watchtower, discover the love and security of our rescuer.

God is your refuge. 

Are you distressed? Brimming with worry as Death travels where it will? Has isolation brought you to the end of hope? Do you long for relief from the world’s trials? Seek Him, Friend. Move into the security of your Salvation and rest. He’ll watch over you, nourish you with His strength, and shelter you until time fades into eternity.

Peace and grace,


P.S. I’d love to have you join me tonight as we meet to discuss and consider how to be set free from fear. I hope to see you online!




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