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This week, a friend has been in crisis. She is struggling to hold on to hope and my heart is hurting for her. I’ve walked her path.

You may be in a similar place–wondering how you’ll manage to make it one more step. Feeling as  though you’re dragging a weight behind you and certain you’ll never see the horizon. Depression has a way of dogging our steps and anxiety steals hope.

Some may be struggling with self-hatred, self-harm, or even thoughts of suicide. If you are, reach out to a counselor for help or dial the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741.

While feelings may overwhelm, God is able to provide the strength you need. He will never leave or forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5)


The Cross You Bear

When you’re deep in the valley⠀
and too tired to fight⠀
call out to Jesus,⠀
He’ll be your guide.⠀

The arrows and spears,⠀
the lies that surround?⠀
He’ll guard and protect,⠀
His love will abound.⠀

Don’t give heed ⠀
to whispers of fear ⠀
or listen to thoughts ⠀
like ‘End the pain, dear.’⠀

These are the prompts⠀
from the enemy of life.⠀
He is the spirit ⠀
of hatred and strife.⠀

Listen, instead, to the words of the Father.⠀
“I am your Hope.⠀
Trust me, my daughter.⠀

I took the lashings,⠀
I know your pain.⠀
Let the truth of my love⠀
Cleanse your wounds like the rain.⠀

This path isn’t easy,⠀
I see the cross that you bear.⠀
Let’s walk together,⠀
Your burdens I’ll share.”

Peace and grace,


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