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She was lost, thirsty, and desperate for a rescuer.  Then, God showed up–to save a woman who didn’t even know Him.  Have you heard the story of Hagar?  It’s one of my favorites and one I’ve latched onto this year.

I love that El Roi–the God who sees–met Hagar in a lonely, frightened place.

I love that He comforted her in a desperate time.

I love that the God of the world bent down from Heaven’s throne to gather Hagar’s tears and offered tender promises for her son’s future.

Did you know that the God of all compassion and mercy is offering Himself to you today?  He wants to be your Rescuer, Comforter, and Promise Keeper.

I just wanted you to know.

Scripture for reflection Genesis 21

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Dementia has robbed grandma of her memory, but it can’t diminish the love grandpa has for the one he still calls my bride.  Grandpa doesn’t see grandma as she is now—confused, anxious and afraid.  Instead, grandma is known for whose she is—his wife.  Despite the snowy head, lined face and a penchant for losing her way in the halls of the assisted living center, grandpa recognizes his bride as the quick-witted beauty he promised to faithfully love years ago.

 In the same way, God offers us his everlasting love.  He overlooks our blemishes and shortcomings.  Nothing deters the Groom from caring for His bride.  He tenderly meets all of our needs just as a devoted husband does for an ailing wife.  Rather than rejecting us for who we are in the flesh, the Lord embraces us for whose we are—His bride.

Jeremiah 31:3 tells us that He has loved us “with an everlasting love.”  Even if you are in the midst of a divorce, struggle with your marriage relationship, or lack meaningful friendships remember that you are loved.  God’s passion for you is greater than any situation or circumstance–always and forever.

Make a list of the ways God has shown his faithfulness to you this month, this week, or even today.  

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