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As a woman with two older teens and a twenty-something ready to launch, Empty Nest, Full Life: Discovering God’s Best for Your Next is, for me, a timely read packed with insight by author, Jill Savage.

Divided into two sections, the mother of five tackles the how-to’s of both letting-go and leaning-into. Letting go of traditions, expectations, and idols and instead embracing one’s new mission in a fresh season.

With wit and humor, Ms. Savage shares stories that encourage and inspire mothers to look to the past with thankfulness and toward the future with hope. This is a great book for the woman with an empty nest or for the one preparing herself in advance.

Favorite quote: I want my identity to be determined by You and only You. Today I’m grabbing Your hand that’s reaching out to me.



Growing Slow: Lessons on Un-Hurrying Your Heart from an Accidental Farm Girl

Growing Slow: Lessons on Un-hurrying Your Heart From an Accidental Farm Girl is the sort of book I haven’t been able to put down. With candor and honesty, Jennifer Dukes Lee challenges the idea that all of life must be “treated like an emergency” and invites the reader to settle into the people and places to which she is called in the now.

Drawing on her life as a farmer’s wife, Ms. Lee explores the importance of growing into the person God designed each of us to become–like a seed sown in a field slowing ripening that slowly develops into its fullness.

Whether you’re a former farm-girl like me or someone longing for roots and a settledness in your spirit, this book is certain to encourage your faith.

Favorite quote: You can get so rushed chasing a certain kind of remarkable life that you miss the fact that you’re already standing inside the one God gave you.


Flooded: The 5 Best Decisions to Make When Life Is Hard and Doubt Is Rising

“No more hard things,” author Nicki Koziarz writes in Flooded: The 5 Best Decisions to Make When Life is Hard and Doubt is Rising. 

If you’ve been grappling with hard things this book is one you will appreciate. Unpacking the familiar account of Noah, Ms. Koziarz explores doubt, unbelief, and disbelief with refreshing candor, humor, and faith.

Delving beyond pat answers to life’s difficult questions, Flooded is a book that will help you rediscover hope and remember God is with you in every circumstance. This is one book I’ll read again!

Favorite quote: I had to figure out how to get that belief-filled girl back. And I did.


You're More Than a Sprout

You’re More Than a Sprout is Jill Roman Lord’s newest release about a little seed who has big dreams. Unhappy with the Master’s plan, he soon discovers God has far greater plans than he’d ever imagined.
Written with Jill’s signature rhyme and paired with vibrant illustrations, the book is a great addition to any preschool or early elementary classroom, Sunday school setting, or home bookshelf.
If you’re a teacher, parent, or grandparent interested in developing a theme around Jill’s book, you can visit my post here for a variety of classroom ideas.


I’d love to know what books you have on your shelf right now.

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