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This month I’ve been in a wonderful reading frenzy and have several nonfiction Christian books to recommend. I’ve ventured into a couple of others, but I’m not far enough along to share yet. Maybe you’ll find a few to add to your reading list as we move into chilly autumn days.



“Jesus knows where you’ve hidden your pain.” Author and pastor John Chasteen gets straight to the point and penetrates deep.

His book, Half the Battle, Healing the Hidden Hurts, challenges the reader to examine the wound festering inside. The one tucked safely away. The one sequestered in the dark places where it’s coddled and protected.

Whether our battle wounds resulted from a slanderous friend, abusive childhood, or painful divorce, Chasteen urges his readers to give Christ the worst of the pain in order to access the “stench behind the stone”.

Rich with both Old and New Testament references and a leader’s guide, this short book is both memorable and practical.



I wish this book had been available when I sported mall bangs and bangles on my wrists. A neighbor might have quietly slipped this book into my mother’s giant, 1980’s bag. This book might have made a difference then.

It certainly will now.

Charlene D. Quint has written a powerful, frank, in-depth book entitled Overcoming the Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, and Other Domestic Abusers. Why is this book necessary? As the author notes, “In addition to rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, studies show that approximately 40 percent of women report verbal abuse, emotional violence, or coercive control by an intimate partner.”



...studies show that approximately 40 percent of women report verbal abuse, emotional violence, or coercive control by an intimate partner. #stop domestic violence Click To Tweet

Chapters cover such difficult topics as spiritual abuse, extramarital affairs, and divorce. Charlene, attorney and survivor, also shares how and why victims of abuse should create a safety plan, provides a multi-faceted response to the question, Why does she stay? and provides startling information about the impact of domestic violence on children.

This book would be a great resource to individuals who are living with domestic abusers, those who have survived domestic violence, counselors, therapists, and church leaders. Perhaps a neighbor you know needs this book. Maybe you do.

Note: Direct quotes from some people do include profanity.

Bend: When Life Dares You to Break, is an uplifting read penned by former journalist and author, Beth Lueders. Gathering the stories of people who survived despite incredible circumstances, Bend provides hope in a world that aches for it.

Pieced together in a fresh, easily digestible format, Bend is a collection of narratives from people around the globe and various faiths. Leuders does offer her own view of how God interceded on behalf of each person and suggests the reader consider the way in which each situation might impact his or her life.

If you’re searching for encouragement and poetic loveliness during this challenging time, Bend may be the book you’ve been waiting to discover.

Order author-signed copies of Bend directly from Beth at BethLueders.com.


Peace and grace,



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