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I always imagined our family gathered around the table reciting poetry or engaging in meaningful conversations.  Our dinnertime dialouge, though, has much less to do with poetry than with lines learned on the playground or reminders to chew with mouths closed.  All the same, I treasure the regularity of sharing meals together.  Our oldest two children–now teens–are away from home regularly.  Extracurricular activities and friends are far more interesting than trips to the zoo with their younger siblings or hours spent in the company of two out-of-touch parents.  But dinners spent together are an established part of our family tradition.  It’s when we connect and build relationships.

Like my children, I find  my own schedule is crowded.  Job requirements and family needs quickly crowd out moments spent with the my heavenly Father.  There are times I come to His table full of complaints or with a reluctant heart.  Other times, I’m animated and full of excitement.  But, I always leave His presence nourished.  Refreshed.  Sated.

Just like the children I see around the dinner table each night.

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