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Coy Mathis, Colorado Transgender Girl Not Allowed To Use School Bathroom

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Headlines across the nation read, “Family of Transgender Child Fights for Her Rights” and “Transgender Girl Can’t Use the Girl’s Restroom”.  Suddenly, a six-year-old little boy is thrust into the nation’s spotlight as the new poster child for tolerance, political correctness, and the absolutism of no absolutes.

Most articles portray the small-town school and its staff as intolerant.  Why?  Because a distinction has been drawn.  Someone has decided there is a physical difference between boys and girls…shocking as it may be.  While Coy, the precious child struggling to understand who he is, may feel like a girl he is actually a boy.

It seems the school has embraced Coy for who he is in every way–from lining up with the little girls to addressing him by as she.  Isn’t there a point when parents need to understand there are some limits?  Not limits to acceptance, friendship, or empathy–but limits based on age and understanding?  Six-year-old children are innocent.  Is it appropriate to expect the little girls in Coy’s classroom to deal with the complicated issue of sexual identity in the intimate setting of a school restroom?

Verses for Reflection

 They say good is bad and bad is good. They think light is dark and dark is light. They think sour is sweet and sweet is sour.   (Isaiah 5:20)

  Be merciful just as your Father is merciful. (Luke 6:36)

Today’s Prayer


I pray your people would surround Coy and his family with mercy and kindness and that they might be drawn to you.  At the same time, may your truth stand despite the efforts of  a world clamoring to be rid of right and wrong.

In the name of the everlasting Christ,


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