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God waits for you to communicate with him. He has made himself available to you at all times. -Wesley L. Duewel

It flourished once in the Garden, the flawless connection between people and their Maker. Man and woman. Human and creature. When God strolled in a paradise shaped by His hand and invited the two to meet with Him in the cool of the evening.


Loved perfectly day after day, the man and woman communed with God. They knew Him intimately, rejoicing at the sound of His voice.

This first couple was designed to love unconditionally. Serving and giving without reservation or selfish inclination. Chosen for one another, the couple delighted in life. The feel of heart clasped to heart. The sweet taste of honey sliding down the back of the throat. The sound of Heaven’s footstep touching earth.

Beasts of all shapes and sizes roamed the Paradise, unafraid. Powerful lions brushed affectionately against the legs of man while birds lit on trees to sing over the two lovers.

But, sin.

That first betrayal of human soul casting off eternal hope for a singular moment of grainy sweetness on tongue shattered pure, beautiful relationship. Stripped the man and woman of innocence. Produced a chasm between the Creator and his earthly children. Corrupted a holy, God-ordained marriage with self. Self-interest. Self-seeking. Self-gratification. And, introduced death and difficulty into the lives of untold generations.

One can almost hear the mutual intake of breath as the heavenly host watch Eve’s teeth puncture the tender flesh of the fruit; its wetness dripping sticky sweet on her chin. Perhaps the heavenly messengers moan aloud as Adam, too, lifts the Forbidden to his mouth. Its scent, coupled with the invitation of his wife’s eye, dare him to indulge.

Just. One. Bite.

Then, God.

There was no surprise in the insurrection. No thwarted plan. With a nod, the Godhead agrees. The first Adam will not be the last and Holy blood will one day make man innocent again. Relationship will be restored.

Because, Jesus.

His sandaled feet strolled in another Garden nearly 2,000 years ago. For three years, he’d called men and women to Him. Healing the sick. The desperate. The dying. Freeing those bound by chains of discouragement. Desperation. Despondence.  And, now? He knelt in prayer before being lifted high on the tree–the final, complete sacrifice of innocence  that man and woman might again exist in relationship with the Maker.

Unbroken. Eternal. Abiding.

Before the beginning He chose relationship with us. We do not follow a list of do’s and don’t that lead us to heaven. No jot nor tittle of prescribed religion offers sanctification or eternal life. It is only in relationship with Jesus that men and women discover the beauty of Paradise promised.

Someday, heaven.



Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. (John 17:3)

A Holy Relationship Resource for You

In the business of living out our roles as women, it can be challenging to make space for the most important relationship of all–our Father-daughter relationship. Friends, I’m not always the most successful at prioritizing Jesus in my life, but I long to walk alongside Him in this life and on the other side of heaven.

Click here for fatherdaughterprintable for a graphic of 5 Ways to Make Your (Heavenly) Father-daughter Relationship a Priority.  Post it on your bathroom mirror, tuck it in a diaper bag, or clip it to your car’s visor. Read it when you need a bit of encouragement to spend time with Jesus.


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The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my delivere.png

A mass of sandstone loomed above the rush of cold mountain water as my son, limber with youth and filled with the daring outlook of boy-conquers-world, scrambled up one slippery side. White-knuckled, he groped his way along water-slicked edges and scaled the massive river rock. Pounding his chest with boyhood bravado, a whoop of jubilation burst from pubescent lungs.

From boulders to jutting cliffs and larger-than-life mountains, standing stones protrude in adult lives, as well. Deep. Entrenched. Impassable.

The Great Unmovable varies, but we recognize it. For some it takes the shape of anxiety. Infertility. Abandonment. Or, perhaps, cancer. Death. Depression.

My Great Unmovable? Fear.

Fear of missing the mark in motherhood. In loving my husband. Fear of failing to see the needs of family and friends. Fear of being less than capable of staving off danger, hardship, or self-sabotage in the lives of dear ones.

This Great Unmovable has loomed large for several years as I’ve navigated life’s twists and turns. Sometimes it shrinks in the distance and blends into the shadow of memory while there are moments–even weeks and months–when it rises like an ill-conceived monolith. Masking victory. Concealing hope. Obscuring joy.

Yet in that weakness, I discover strength. Not a strength born of grit or                                self-determination, but a soul-fortitude birthed in the One who is faithful and true. Only when clinging to the unchanging Rock and the Cornerstone of eternal confidence am I able to loose my grip on the Great Unmovable. Because of the matchless Father, I am lifted high, my feet planted firmly on the top of the great unmovable–a conqueror in Christ.

And, I beat my chest in celebration as a shout erupts from inside out. I know, Friend, that every rise, rampart, or range dissolves at the command of the Immutable. When I stand here? I capture a glimpse. An impression. The endless promise.


There may be a few more ridges to climb, but by His grace we’ll scale each one only to discover so much more than we ever imagined.

Question for Reflection–What Great Unmovable looms large in your life? He is able to overcome, Friend.

Verse of Encouragement–Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress. (Psalm 71:3)

Blessings,                                                                                                                                        Tammy


Woman to Woman Ministries


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