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Strains of praise music filled the sanctuary while God’s people raised their voices in adulation and reverence.  Yet I stood–motionless, unmoved, and angry.  Lord, help my unbelief.  I can’t see your plan in his pain…his struggle…his loneliness.  Why him?  Why my son?

This child-man bore the brunt of another’s sin.  It lay heavy and unshakable on his soul like the weight of a yoke forced upon the shoulders of a helpless slave.  Pressing and unrelenting– its sharp splinters were a constant reminder of the burden he carried.

This morning–surrounded by smiling faces offering praises to the One who gave me the joy of mothering this blue-eyed son–my heart rebelled.  And I ached to have an answer…a reason…some reassurance.

When the pastor shared his illustration it was as if Christ was speaking to me alone–simple words penetrating a mother’s hardened, grieving heart.  What did he say?

Caught in a fire, a young boy peered from his second story bedroom window hoping to escape the flames threatening to 

consume him.  Smoke filled the darkness, but through the roar of the fire the child heard his father calling from below.  “Jump      

          down, son.  I’ll catch you!”  

          The  boy cried, “Daddy, I can’t see you.”  

But I can see you–trust me.  Jump.”


You probably understand.  Maybe you’re in the same place today–wondering, unsure, and asking for faith.   Trust Him, dear friend.  He sees you–and yours.

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She smiled brightly and her pale face seemed to evidence the truth of the story that splashed across international headlines.–Girl Survives on Ramen  for 13 Years.  

Eighteen-year-old Georgi Readman has been surviving on a diet of the salt-infused-I-hated-to-eat-them-in-college noodles for most of her young life.  At only 5’1″ and a mere  98 pounds, Georgi’s petite frame houses the emaciated workings  of a woman six decades her age.  

Unwilling–or unable–to even eat a fruit or vegetable, Georgi is unknowingly living by dying.  Repelled by what is healthy or desirable, she shuns the company of friends for fear of having her folly noticed.

But Georgi has hope.  She has youth…doctors…awareness.  Sometimes, we suffer in the same way.  We don’t notice–or refuse to recognize– a similar condition in our own lives.  A deep hunger…a need unfulfilled…a spiritual gauntness.

Jesus once said, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)  Friends, are we starving or satiated?  Have we consumed the word of God?  Are we so full of His love, truth, and compassion that others desire sharing from the same plate of  His bountiful goodness?

If the Associated Press wrote your story or mine would the title read, Woman Survives on the Word of God for Thirteen Years?  Wouldn’t that be an interesting headline?


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