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Before Christ’s death, Nicodemus was a clandestine Christ-follower. He sought Jesus only under the cover of darkness in order that he might maintain a level of both spiritual satisfaction and social standing. After all, Nicodemus was a wealthy and educated spiritual leader in Israel. If his pursuit of Jesus had been discovered, Nicodemus would have likely suffered a loss of position and power.
Surprisingly, after Jesus’ death, Nicodemus made his relationship to Christ public. He carried close to one hundred pounds of spices with him to the tomb so that he might help prepare Jesus’ body for burial!
As one who claims name of Christ, do I find myself hiding in the darkness? Is social status of greater concern than living out my faith? Or, do I sacrifice my life as “the fragrance of Christ” (2 Corinthians 2:15-NIV) so that others might come to know the Truth?

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