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Why have I decided to be one of millions blogging?  Because I have a story to share that continues to unfold page by page, chapter by chapter.  Like any story there is a beginning, middle, and end.  The beginning was difficult, the middle has been full of both triumphs and trials, and the ending is unpredictable .  Who knows what adventures and lessons I’ll learn along the way?

My prayer is that this blog will be a place of encouragement for you as we journey along life’s road together.  Let’s take a walk…

How has the beginning of your story influenced where you are in your life now? 

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Never before had the word “no” held such promise. It rolled off Ben’s tongue before his second birthday and I was certain his early assertion of will represented an acute sense of self. Worries about his succumbing to peer pressure? Eliminated. The promise of success on the debate team? Confirmed!
Okay…perhaps my assumptions were just slightly innacurate. I soon realized the power of “no” gave my pint-sized son the ability to profess disagreement with anything–at any time. The parent-child relationship entered the phase of “The Great Power Struggle”. I’m just wondering when we’ll be move on to the next phase…Ben gets his driver’s license this spring.

FYI: Love and Logic workshop (Avoiding Power Struggles), Thursday 2/24

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